Monday, February 9, 2015

xiNET Cross Link Viewer

Okay!  I totally dig this one!

XiNET is described above in the screenshot that I cut from the main website.  You can pop over to check it out here.  Or you can just go to crosslinkviewer.ORG.

If you are one of those weird Bioinformatics-focused people, you can actually get all the source code to download and check out from GitHub here.

The paper from Colin Combe et. al., is currently in press at MCP here.

Now that all the links are out of the way, what the heck does this thing do?  Well, you feed it a CSV file of your crosslinked peptides.  Presumably you found them using something like the X-comb or Byonic, then you give it your FASTA database (or it uses a recent Swiss-Prot) and it generates you awesome graphics of these cross-links your mass spec found for you AND gives you some level of statistical significance of these crosslinks!  The paper works through some historic datasets and shows how well the xiNET works through this data.

This is a nice new (and surprisingly, it appears, easy to least in the web interface!) tool for anybody out there doing shotgun analysis of protein interactions.  If this describes you, you should definitely check it out!

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