Friday, November 15, 2013

Weak statistics and lack of reproducibility

Umm...this one is disturbing.
Let's start at the title:

Weak statistical standards implicated in scientific irreproducibility

and then move to the subtitle:

One-quarter of studies that meet commonly used statistical cutoff may be false.

Ummm...already disturbing, right?  It gets worse when you start to think about the 2 most common criticisms of our field:  1) A lacks of robust statistics and 2) A lack of reproducibility (you generally don't hear them in exactly this order...)

I'm actually not going to go any further.  You should check out this short editorial, though, and the 2 references.  This is a dialogue we're going to need to continue to have as a field through the future.  Yes, I'm dreading it.  Cause I don't want to be doing a lot of statistics either....

The editorial is here (and under 1 page!)

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