Tuesday, November 12, 2013

iPRG 2013 -- Next gen sequencing + proteomics!

In my humble opinion, proteomics is just on the verge of going into full-out revolution.  We keep hinting at it with the "dirty genomics" idea and a few studies here and there that have shown the potential of searching MS/MS spectra against "next-gen" sequencing data.

ABRF has jumped on this with iPRG 2013.  In this study labs are being actively recruited to look into the real potential of searching MS/MS spectra vs RNA seq data.  This is really exciting, as RNA seq technology can give you a picture of your transcriptome at an exact chronological point.

Among the potential of massively boosting your peptide spectral matches, the linking of these 2 technologies could give you the ability of looking at the proteome to see what is there and the RNA-seq to more easily see what is being expressed and when.

For more information, check out the ABRF website here.  Direct link to flier from the study.

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