Monday, October 28, 2013

QE Plus, first impressions

I just wrapped up my first day on a QE Plus.  This was a full out shotgun proteomics instrument -- no extended resolution (280,000 resolution is an option) or protein mode (for improved intact analyses).  It is the "base model" plus.  First impressions; if you've ran the QE, you are ready to go on the Plus.  The controls have not changed noticeably, in fact, if you've purchased a QE Plus, you can still get going by using my QE training videos without much of a hangup.
An option that I like a lot:  you can set your mass tolerances for your inclusion, exclusion, and dynamic exclusion lists where the original QE is set for 10ppm (a perfectly suitable window for almost every applicaton!).

Aside from that, from the instrument setup side, it is every bit as intuitive and streamlined to calibrate and set up methods as I've come to expect from this great instrument.  All improvements in engineering and sensitivity have taken place inside the box.  We experimented with some very tight MS/MS isolation windows on overnight runs and I should have something to say about the power of the new quadrupole sometime soon.

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