Saturday, July 14, 2018

FAIMs is back?!? And putting it on an Orbitrap improves shotgun proteomics!?!?

For just a second I started this paper -- Pierre Thibault -- FAIMS and thought maybe it was 2005 and I had to check a mirror --

Nope -- definitely not 2005 --

You, too, might feel like you've stepped into a time chamber when you see some definite suggestions that FAIMS might finally be back -- and it should be if we can get results like these!

It's in open in press right now!

This paper is really big and deserves more time than I can spend on it this morning and should really be checked out.

Get this -- they do TMT-10 plex (this is FAIMS on a Tribrid). TMT-10 plex can't be done on another ion-mobility proteomics instrument that's getting a lot of attention (despite resolution claims it can't, resolve the reporter even our Orbi XL can) AND -- maybe even better -- it looks like they get better results than SPS-MS3 based TMT quan (less cycle time hit? with FAIMS? what!??! I know!)

Can I get FAIMS now? Doesn't appear so, but maybe soon??

Shoutout @KarlMechtler for tipping me off to this!

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