Monday, February 1, 2016

Large scale protein turnover calculations!

One criticism mass spectrometry might get from the classical biochemistry community is that our readouts are more like "snapshots" of what our cell population is doing rather than the elegant dynamics of other assays.

For someone like me who would choose being tasered repeatedly over working out one one PK or equilibrium thing, this criticism hasn't been one I've given a lot of attention to.

Hey, wait!  What is this thing? This looks like a dynamic proteomics assay using where transient 15N labels are applied growing cells (in kind of a pulse chase sort of way) and the software reads the data of multiple samplings into a dynamic readout of protein turnover!

You can check out this interesting study (paywalled) and free software (in R) from Kai-Ting Fan et al., here. 

It is worth noting that they did this cool study in Arabidopsis, but I'm sure these resources could be also be applied to interesting organisms as well.  ;)

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