Monday, October 7, 2013

Intact antibody ran on the Orbitrap Fusion

I heard a weird rumor the other day:  That the Fusion can't do intact protein analysis.  I disputed it when I heard it, and figured I ought to have these screenshots up somewhere in case this myth perpetuates somehow.

This is from a Fusion OT run on a commercial reduced antibody at 15k resolution.  I did a rough deconvolution and it came out pretty solid:

For this antibody, the expected masses are in the table above.  Not too bad, right?  Now, if you were being really critical, you'd probably say this isn't all that pretty.  And the truth is that 15k resolution isn't that amazing for an intact analysis -- fortunately this is an instrument that can do 450,000 resolution.  And this file wasn't optimized forever to look amazing.  It was just a run to see what the intact masses look like on the instrument, when it looked okay, we moved onto the next test.  If you have further doubt about the ability of the Fusion to do intacts, I can upload this RAW data file.  Please leave me a comment below if you want it and I'll make it available.

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