Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hekate - A new crosslinking analysis program for people with experience in Linux and Perl

This new article (ASAP) at JPR describes Hekate, a new software package for evaluating protein crosslinking.  You can download it from GitHub here.

And thats where I have to stop.  I have Perl and when I really want to, I can run a Perl script.  Unfortunately, this is a tough one.  GitHub suggests that you get support from another resource (link provided).

 Hekate then falls on my list of nice software ideas that are implemented in such a way that the software really isn't accessible to labs that don't have their own bioinformatician or programmer.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    I'm happy to help anyone who needs to get it up and running. You don't need to know any bioinformatics or programming to actually use it. I admit installation is slightly harder that I would like (I really need make it into a package). Feel free to contact me via the corresponding author details on the paper.