Thursday, June 6, 2024

Finally!MALDI-prmPASEF for spatial targeting (preprint says prototype software)!

Wow. Do you have to dig for this one. 

Background: if you aren't paying attention and you get a TIMSTOF Flex that can do ESI - PASEF (DDA) diaPASEF (DIA...duh...) and prmPASEF (targeting with ion mobility and quadrupole and with high resolution fragments!) you might be very confused to find out that none of these features work when you.... turn....on.... the.... MALDI... source. 

What you have to do is figure out the mass of your target (which might change if it picks up a funny matrix adduct) and then it's relative ion mobility and then punch both of those things in to get a TIMS cleaned up 35,000 mass resolution....the end result is that you 1) can't scan very fast (because you aren't doing the parallel accumulation bit) AND you can't remove a lot of background. If you're like me it makes you sort of forget you have a MALDI at all.

While rumored for a while, those rumors got a whole lot louder at some meeting in California this week. Not there, I had to really do some preprint digging and - this group has it! And they hid it behind a ton of words that I do not know and 23 other figures. But it's in here! 

To find data from MALDI prm-PASEF you need to go to Supplemental 18 (top figure) and it looks super super legit. Unequivocal, even? I like the word "prototypic" here. 

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  1. If you are interested in this, feel free to contact me (Carsten Hopf) via Linkedin.