Sunday, June 2, 2024

ASMS Hardware Launch #3 - TIMSTOF Ultra 2!


Okay, so big time thing here is always a better source for a TIMSTOF. So pumped that they've been putting time into fixing the weakest part of  the system with multiple new iterations of sources. 30% more signal on the Ultra is crazy.

The headline on this one should be - ion counts and # of ion control (something 2.0). It has always been possible to set a maximum charge limit on each packet of ions on a TIMSTOF. No one knows how to use it and maybe it never worked. Who knows?

Imagine what it would be like running an Orbitrap without automatic gain control and ion injection time. Too many ions, space charging. Too few ions, meh spectra. That's what TIMSTOFs have been running with since this NMR company burst onto the scene a few years ago. 

Youtube video about it here. 

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