Saturday, June 8, 2024

CLIPPER 2.0 - (Re)Annotate those positional isoforms!


Picture this - you decided to do something wacky and actually use one of those FASTA databases that contains a lot of different protein isoforms to see if you could find them! Not just the smallest UniProt database where it's about 100% one open reading frame for every gene for every protein entry. We all know that isn't how biology works at all, but what else do you do? 

Chances are you will can make those peptide hits and do a protein rollup and then have no real way to easily dig through those isoforms you were looking for anyway....yay.....

What if you could take your output from a lot of the common tools and drop them into something that can help you find those isoforms? Check this out! 

Welcome to the party, CLIPPER! I've got some RAS mutations I could use your help with. There are different mutations on each chromosome, too, (super fun) so multiple sites map back to the same single entry and I think you're going to help. 

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