Saturday, December 9, 2023

Organ aging proteomic map shows the days of LCMS for proteomics are coming to an end!

For an actual breakdown of this study after I had time to read this work thoroughly (thanks RSV!). There are a lot of assumptions that should be discussed and, disappointingly, the work was somehow published without making the original data publicly available for scrutiny by others. 

While I'm not that surprised to see restricted data access for SomaScan technology (old post here) it is disappointing at this tier of a publication. 

This is probably the biggest proteomics news story that I've ever seen. How many outlets are running with this thing? 

LCMS? Nope! Some fancy old technology that it's fun for us to laugh about due to lack of analytical precision, proven quantitative values, and clearly based on error prone technology -- I'm not even going to look and see if this is an antibody array antibody bound to a oligonucleotide or an aptamer or whatever.  It doesn't matter. We know that the input is garbage compared to LCMS. But that isn't what matters -- what matters is that with the right informatics that has been fine tuned from decades of working with the 99.9% useless random noise (real number) that is Illumina data, these people can extract great stuff from it! 

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