Thursday, December 14, 2023

Do you have an LTQ or LTQ Orbitrap with a nanoLC on it? Wanna do an easy collaboration?


Hey Proteomics world! I have a bad idea I'd like to test and no one around me has an old instrument that I could test it on. I was considering pulling our LTQ Orbitrap out of surplus but they're really freaking heavy and switching it from MALDI to ESI takes foooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeever. 

Do you have an LTQ or LTQ Orbitrap of some kind with a good splitless nanoLC on it? Actually, I don't think a Waters HPLC of any kind would work for this idea, due to the side cut on the needle. Would you like to help me test a bad idea? If so, I can make someone prepare samples!

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  1. My PhD Prof back in India has an LTQ Orbi VelosPro with nLC1000 running smooth for over a decade..