Monday, August 15, 2022

Amazing FFPE proteomic resolution -- more single cell tech making it to the ground!


I had this great meeting with some really forward thinking grant funding people where we ended up discussing how single cell proteomics itself, right this second, is probably just wasting space in repositories. For real, at the rate of improvement right now are we going to even look at any of 2022s data out there 3 years from now? I already tell new students to just ignore anything in proteomics published before 2017 (there are clearly exceptions). 

The thing about moonshot projects is sometimes the amazing stuff that comes from the tech you had to develop for it. Modern solar panels, cordless vacuum cleaners, athletic footware and pacemakers are all technologies that you can argue were largely a result of innovations driven by the race to the moon.

As another example of something to fall out sideways of the race to the single cell proteome? What about the highest coverage and highest resolution spatial coverage of an FFPE tissue

That's one heck of a side effect when all these people seem to no longer even be impressed with how much of the protein is there -- they want to know how much of the protein is there --and now where!?!? 

Seriously cool results from the most abundant historical medical material on earth. I can't recommend this one enough. 

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