Thursday, December 23, 2021

Skyline Batch! Ditch the scripts and get a report!


Skyline can do a lot of different great things. I have probably used it around least once a week for somewhere around a decade to do all sorts of different things with different instruments. Every time I have to use it, I start with a new folder that will always end up full of increasingly as I try over and over again to get the software to create a quantitative report comparing different sets of files. Eventually (sometimes) I'll get the seemingly random set of magical conditions all aligned and I'll end up with a table! 

Okay, so what if someone super talented decided to actually fix this rather than wasting hundreds of hours over a decade screaming and occasionally breaking keyboards? 

Meet Ali Marsh and Skyline Batch! 

Skyline and Intuitive?!?!?

The paper is just a couple of pages. What you probably actually want is these webinars and tutorials! 

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