Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Looking for weird accessory and demo software from Thermo?

Are you looking for? 


Offline Recal (to fix that QE file from when your air conditioner went out and the mass accuracy went crazy?

An older version of Xcalibur so that you don't have to use FreeStyle like a grown up modern person without memory limits cause you hate a software that automatically recognizes your scan ranges and can direct export to mzCloud for data analysis? 

Or the newest version of Tune for your instrument (which almost all of them are decently easy to upgrade yourself now)? At the very least it's fun to download them and look at the "Bug Fix" documentation to see what they've fixed/added and whether it is something that is potentially affecting your results. 

Or the newest Proteome/Compound Discoverererer demos? 

You can get all of those things at the ThermoFlexoPortal Thing! 

You can access this resource here!

Once you register and get access you'll find a menu of ways to get to resources. In typical Thermo website fashion, the categories make no sense at all.

My recommendation is to ignore all of them. Just go to the Product Search category! 

Unlike most Thermo websites, the Search Bar DOES work. I'm not even kidding. 

When you find the product you are looking for, this is critical. Never hit the Download button. Always hit the download arrow. If a popup asks you to download something, close it. Then hit the download arrow. 

Why? Oh, I just think I've got enough little programs running in the background that I can't keep track of and don't know what they're doing. Why do I want a new program to help me download stuff when that's built into my browser? 


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