Monday, August 10, 2020

A rapid automated (nanoparticle!) plasma proteomics protocol?!?


Did I flinch a little because I was afraid this was going to be a buzzword bonanza? Possibly. It even has the word "corona" in the title, but it is for something completely unrelated to what you'd first guess. I glad I took time away from what I'm supposed to be doing today to read this! 

What is it? 

Well -- apparently nanoparticles can be made to do cool things, like bind to stuff that is protein and pull them down. And -- if I'm getting this correct (probably not) they can reproducibly create nanoparticles that pull down different protein sub-populations. 

What it looks like is the "Top-14" depletion columns (the things that pull out albumin, transferring, and the IGgs and other super abundant proteins) taken 

They develop and optimize a bunch of different particles and combinations with remarkable results shown on loads of different and important plasma samples and describe how they synthesized these nanoparticle things.

Is it cool? Yes.

Can you synthesize a nanoparticle with these instructions? Maybe you can, but I can't even read all the words. I can guess what they might sound like and they're pretty funny. 

Try this one: 


My dog thinks something is wrong with me. So that's a no. However, this is still really cool and hopefully some enterprising person will say in the methods section "this is under commercial development" and I won't have to look up the author affiliations to see if it ---

Got it! (had to go the affiliation route).

Check this out:

Had to look up the affiliations. Some of these authors are at something called "Seer" and this is totally coming as a commercial product or service. I can't tell.

Back to the actual data. The authors demonstrate a stupid deep plasma proteome using a bunch of our favorite methods. There is DIA and DDA label free and some TMT in here. And, wow, does this ever make sense. And it is SO easy to automate magnetic bead based platforms.  

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