Friday, September 6, 2019

TMT 16-plex is out! And someone already used it for single cell!!

We've been hearing rumors about this for months. And now you can order it here!

...and some people have already had access to it -- check out this KILLER application of it in ScoPE-MS!! for single cell!! Since the effects of ScoPE-MS are essentially additive, more channels equals more sensitivity (though...I cell at a time isn't a lot...but it's better than having one cell less!)

I don't have time to read this..yet...but the HF-X collected MS/MS at 45,000 resolution, so it looks like it seamlessly integrates into your workflow -- just with a bunch more channels!

Oh. Need to process the data? Here you go!

Correction: This study doesn't appear to use the TMTPro. Still a great title, though....

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  1. Hi Ben, we do have it working for SCoPE2, but I think the paper you referenced only uses 11plex. I don't think there is a SCoPE paper out with it (yet). Best, Ed