Sunday, February 10, 2019

TABULIZER -- Pull TABLES out of PDFs!!!!

Have you ever pulled a great paper like this one and been super excited to replicate the data, but are shocked to find:

1) A big table with 510 exact masses for EXACTLY what you want to target? Thank you, awesome authors for doing this incredible amount of work. I'd sure hate to even type 510 exact mass targets into my instrument method window, or TraceFinder, or Skyline, or whatever....
2) There is no table of the data in the supplemental info?!?!?
3) You've got to be shitting me. There is no way the journal doesn't have a supplemental table with the exact masses of 510 compounds. What... the.... actual...

Guess what! Now you can channel rage into the 80 pound heavy bag you just installed in your office (or, more appropriately, into learning how to use R....) because TABULIZER can take tables from PDFs and pull them out so you can use them! (with R...)

You can get it through CRAN -- or the Github thing is here.

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