Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Harvard won the race. Real time Search -- MS3 on Fusion Lumos

I know of one other group that was working on this as well -- and I'd be confident guaranteeing there were some others, but it probably isn't a surprise that Gygi lab won the race.

Some instrument vendors have had real time peptide sequencing for years. Unfortunately, those vendors seem to have their instruments designed and constructed by lemurs with unlimited access to amphetamines (best explanation I have for some of this stuff), so the technology hasn't reached more than a few -- unfortunate -- scientists.

Thermo's metabolomics flagship, the IDX, has real time data acquisition and partial processing capabilities, demonstrating that the onboard resources can support something like this.

It was putting the pieces together. Here they are and the results are predictably marvelous.

10-plex TMT proteomics. 50% the acquisition time.... Is this the end of another of the final TMT limitations?

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