Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sonic speed digestion for complex proteomics samples!

I just got back from a couple weeks in amazingly beautiful southern Portugal. Great climbing, beautiful beaches, cool people, and the best $2 wine in the world.

I didn't actually intend to be disconnected from this hobby, but I dropped my laptop -- due, in no way whatsoever, to the awesome $2 wine.

I'll be backlogging posts for a bit, though, TONS of cool stuff came out recently!


My library doesn't provide digital access to Talanta any longer, but I think this tool is super cool. Why wouldn't ultrasonic treatment speed up sample digestion?!?

According to the abstract they get to full tryptic digestion in 5 MIN!!  It's exciting to see some good science out of Portugal, as well as sonar contributing something positive to our field!


  1. Hey Ben,

    Please don't back date the blog posts though. It will be so easy to miss interesting things, as they end up before posts you thought you already read.

  2. Oh! I've never thought of that! You got it! I only do it because I personally like how the blog looks better when each entry comes in on a separate day, but I realize people use other interfaces to read this. Only moving forward from now on!