Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bioinformatics Resources for Proteomics!

Want a really great (up-to-date) review of the resources out there for us for interpreting proteomics data? Check this out! 

It is a really good introduction to the data analysis portion of our field and I'll be adding it to the resources for newbies section over there ---> somewhere.  It's also a really nice resource for any of us more seasoned(?) people who might be in a rut with the databases and software we've been using.

It is just one chapter in this nice new methods book -- that has a really great title!

There is a LOT of good stuff in this book!

Tell me you don't want to read these chapters!  Quantitative cell surface glycoproteomics, PRM with ETD!?!?!?

Tell 'em, Spock! And..umm...and for the weirdest 2 minutes of 60s television possibly ever....(why would I post this here...?)

You should check this book out. The more I flip through it, the more I expect you'll be hearing more about it!

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