Monday, October 30, 2017

New Stuff on the Thermo Omics Portal!

If you've visited the Thermo-Omics Portal recently you'll notice it's been under renovations and looks a whole lot spiffier. You might also notice that they've announced the 2017 User meeting in Bremen!

The navigation on-site has changed and I've gotten a couple questions about how to find things. For example, if you are looking for the PD 2.2 demo you'll want to follow the horizontal lines, then sideways arrows. This is ugly, but this is what I mean...

If you click on the horizontal lines by "Navigate products" the big red bar marked 2 shows up. Then you expand that product by clicking on the arrow pointing right.  It makes sense once you do it once or twice, but if you click on the rotating blocks on the homescreen with the product names as you did before, you won't get to where you or your collaborators can download the demo and Viewer software versions.

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