Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dissolvable protein gels to extract intact proteins!

If this is true:
1) This could be amazingly useful!
2) Somebody please commercialize it fast so I don't have to ruin my day making my own (terrible) gels!

This new study in ACS can be found here.
You can't tell me you haven't ran a gel at least once and wished you could just get that protein out of it intact, right?

The info for what is in the dissolvable gels is in Supplemental Table 1. This doesn't look all that weird. I guess the power comes from the slow dissolving of the gel in the special mixture they used. Hey -- works for me -- someone is going to have a cool problem soon that they ask me about and I'm going to have this paper in my utility belt (well...Kindle...) that will get them one step closer to a solution.

Shoutout to Dr. Murray for the link to this exciting method!

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