Tuesday, April 25, 2017

UVPD for top down proteomics!

What great timing!  This issue of JPR just dropped and this lovely image is gracing the front page! It is from this new paper.

I'm tempted to not read it at all -- cause tomorrow Tim Cleland is going present this data here at the NIH!!

For those of you in Maryland/DC/VA area -- this is a reminder to register for this awesome event tomorrow!!  (And please do register...the NIH has some very serious rules regarding how much coffee (and lunch) we can have delivered per participant. Looks like we've got about 50 people on the list -- and if 80-100 people show up for this awesome day of cutting edge science and we run out of coffee...well, some of you know what happened last time....

For those of you that can't make it -- I highly recommend the paper!


HeLa top down fractions (from GelFree system ~ 5-45kDa)
Ran on Orbitrap Fusion Lumos with an equipped UVPD
GOAT was used for gradient optimization (yeah! this needs to be used more!)
UVPD and HCD were highly complementary in terms of proteoform identification
UVPD was (no surprise) superior for PTM localization (democratic fragmentation, FTW!)
Umm...data was processed at this thing -- that requires investigation, but I've gotta get going. It looks like a super computer that is running Prosight!

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