Friday, April 28, 2017

The current state of proteogenomics!!

Do you think our field is moving fast? You're right!  It is. At rocket pace. The sample prep is better, the chromatography and the instruments are obviously better, and the software is catching up.

Proteogenomics, however, might even be developing at a faster rate because it is so new -- and there are so many great genomics and transcriptomics tools that we can be borrowed and used in conjunction with our technologies.

I've been trying to keep up -- and it is really tough.

This stellar new mini-review in press at MCP will catch us all right up to the cutting edge! 

It breaks the field down into the current key components -- describes what has been done so far -- and then tells you where to get the best and newest tools.

Even if you don't read this in it's entirety you should download it. Next time you're sitting in a talk and someone is rattling through proteogenomics (heck, or just transcriptomics!) jargon you can "Ctrl +F" on this PDF and find a description of what that term is -- and what application of it can do for you!   There are a lot of terms in here that I've heard and seen dropped and it is great to have a current reference that is applied in respect to proteomics!

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