Saturday, January 23, 2016

Imaging mass spec with new advanced statistics package!

I think everyone will agree that imaging mass spec is cool stuff. I've got to visit some cool labs doing DESI and LAESI and I've got some neighbors at NIDA doing super sweet MALDI-Orbitrap lipid analysis. I've never done it, but I'm always impressed by what is being done and the potential that it has.

In this new paper from Kyle Bemis et al., this team suggests that we can do even better with existing technology if we use more advanced statistics. To prove it, they use a DESI-LTQ and a couple imaging TOFs and run the data through their new R package, CARDINAL.

What did they find? Better ability to separate signals from closely overlapping organs in developing organisms and different sections of the brain that better match expected distributions than classical software.

If you have some imaging data, maybe it's worth taking a shot at reprocessing with this package. If this isn't your field...maybe its still worth a look-see. This Koala liked it.

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