Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Magic -- Multiply charged proteins ionized with no energy!

This is really interesting. What if you could just mix up your proteins, including the big ones with your matrix compound(s) and then magically get multiply charged species into your mass spectrometer? No energy. They just grab some protons and go flying into the air? Well, it sounds like you could save a lot of energy on lasers....AND....maybe you could finally give up on that weird old TOF in the corner that can go to 100kDa (you know...the one that is 8 foot tall and has accuracy within 1kDa...or 2...)

Well, that appears to be exactly what happens. What?!!?  I know!

Check out this paper from Sarah Trimpin for more details. Hey, if nothing else, it has one of the single most amusing abstracts I've ever read.

And its got this great chart!

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