Sunday, August 23, 2015

Want to try a new phosphoproteomics methodology? How 'bout 2 stage IMAC?

There are bunches of ways to get phosphopeptides. Hopefully each new method is better than the last. This one? Well, it looks great -- and its new, and it is hella thorough.  The authors describe a two stage enrichment procedure as well as an chemical modification technique that can further boost sample enrichment/recovery.

You can't really stop there and get your method into this journal, right? So they go further and describe software they use called the "CAD Neutral loss finder" to single out the ions with the phospho losses (I want this!!!), oh and they also use ETD to trigger on that loss.

Why might you want to consider their method?  Maybe cause they are getting phosphopeptide IDs from PICOgrams of starting material. my postdoc I would start with MILLIgrams before I started have that.

You can find the abstract for this shockingly powerful method here.

Update: I found the software, too!  Its available here! 

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