Monday, August 3, 2015

Get your nanosource camera view on your PC screen

For some of us out there, we have the ability to log into our instruments from home.  Is there anything more comforting than going to bed knowing that you queued everything up properly, the QCs looked fine and the spray stability is awesome?  Or...seeing that something is messed up so you can shut it down and fix it when you get back in?!?

The missing link for most of us these days is the source camera.  If you've got an EasySpray or a nanoFlex ion source your video likely shows up on a little TV screen on top your mass spec.  That isn't too useful if you're using Remote Login.

Well, Sheng Zhang at the Cornell Proteomics Core has a brilliant solution for us!  You can buy Dino-Lite USB controlled microscopes on Amazon and they fit right in where your normal cameras fit into your source!  He has a different one on his Elite and his Fusion and we couldn't find the exact part numbers. The one on the Elite is a little better quality, but both are just awesome.  The little camera even comes with a small program that projects what it sees onto the PC screen. So no extra software necessary.  It doesn't appear to consume many resources at all.

There are tons of options (check this Amazon search page), but one that definitely works with USB 2.0 is this guy for $150!

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