Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I forgot to check on the EPD in a while!

Wow. We have so many resources out there these days that I honestly can completely forget about some of them (and get them mixed up with others).  One that I hadn't thought to check on in a while is the Encyclopedia of Protein Dynamics.  Thanks to Twitter (@PastelBio, w00t!) and the fact that I'm too lazy to leave my hotel tonight, I can check out and direct you to a cool tool on the site.

Now, as a disclaimer, the tools at the EPD should have little trademark symbols by them. Unfortunately, I do not know how to draw such things.  So, all of the tools I'm about to mention are the property of the licensed, trademarked EPD project at the Lamont lab. All the normal stuff applies for such things, and you have to agree to use cookies if you want to use the site.

The tool I want to direct you to is the PepTracker (trademarked!). The PepTracker gives you information about your protein of interest, including:

Protein turnover (and half-life plots!)
GO information
Linked proteins (like that awesome string map at the top! publication ready, with permissions, of course!)
Localization in certain cell lines
Heatmaps of proteins that cluster with your protein-of-interest
Cell cycle information
And other stuff!

Really really cool tool and handy information all in one place!

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