Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Proteogenomic characterization of cancer!

I have been waiting for this stuff to start showing up in bulk!

Most biology labs now have tons of "next gen" genomics data on their cells of interest.  Increasingly, these labs are all acquiring proteomics data.  The obvious next step?  Making these data sets work together.  Yes, some stuff has trickled out here and there, including some cool strategies for database reduction.  But I think we've seen the tip of the iceberg so far.

In this week's Nature, we start to see what is coming!  In a huge study that features members of the Tabb lab and Reid Townsend and many others, the power of this approach is really explored.  Proteomic data from colon and rectal cancer was compared to data from "next gen" sequencing data and tons of new data was discovered.

The punchline?  This NATURE paper required no mass spectrometer.  This data was already deposited in The Cancer Genome Atlas.  This was essentially a meta-analysis but comparing these datasets was powerful enough that it slammed into a journal this big.  Again, this is the kind of stuff that is coming....

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