Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cold spring harbor proteomics course!

This week I was lucky enough to get to help out at the Cold Spring Harbor Proteomics Course.  If you aren't familiar, it is probably the most intense bootcamp in proteomics in the world.

Want to learn proteomics?  Sign up for next year.  The amount of stuff the instructors run through is just boggling.  If you can think of a proteomics experiment, chances are they at least talk about it at this course --heck, they probably do it.  Dave Muddiman showed up last night and taught a class on imaging mass spec that ran long after dark.

My contribution was to set up a shiny new Q Exactive and to train people on it and to provide instrument support.  I've heard from multiple people that it is pretty tough to find and hire skilled proteomics experts these days.  If you are in this quandary next year, you might want to considering hiring someone who is smart and motivated to work hard and send him/her up there.

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