Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SpliceVista. Find your sequence variants

More than 90% of Human genes have been found to have splice variants.  Since we're still looking at the same old Uniprot, we miss most of them.

Enter SpliceVista from Yafeng Zhu et. al., from Karolinska (grab it while its still open access).  Oh, and download it from GitHub here.

Whats it do?  It grabs splice variant data that has been compiled by awesome new sequencing technologies and makes a new peptide database to compare your MS/MS spectra against?

Does it work?  Sure looks like it!  They process some acquired data and pull out almost a thousand MS/MS spectra that can be explained by splice variants, several of which are known to occur in these cell lines.

Lets figure out what all those unmatched MS/MS spectra are.  They can't all be contaminants!

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