Sunday, January 26, 2014

Targeted Peptide Measurements in Biology and Medicine

Currently in press at MCP, a paper with the title of this blog post.  It has a subtitle, as well, "Best Practices for Mass Spectrometry-based Assay Development Using a Fit-for-Purpose Approach," but it could just as accurately be changed to "Who's who in targeted peptide quan," due to the fact that it is essentially the summary of a meeting held at the NIH (under CPTAC, which I'll write about soon)

Anyway, definitely check this paper out since its currently open access and really outlines the current progress and future direction of targeted approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  Of course, any of these approaches could be adapted to your disease of choice.  Since this is a discussion of how to move targets into the clinics, the paper emphasizes the use of tiered models for dividing assays and the importance of validation of results.  A great read for a Sunday morning!

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