Wednesday, January 22, 2014

QuaMeter! Assess the performance of all your LC-MS instruments over time!

Are you having trouble keeping track of all those instruments you have (poor baby)?  Would you love it if you could use a program to track the performance of ALL OF THEM over time?  Would you also like to track more than one or two metrics?  How about 40+ metrics?!

Then maybe you need to check out QuaMeter!  This not-quite-new, but totally new to me, program that I just saw in action comes to us by way of the Tabb lab at Vanderbilt.  And it is completely free, you can download both the binary and the source code off their website.

You can longitudinally track just about anything that is affecting your proteomics experiments.  And not just dumb things, but useful ones, like how your peptide ID numbers, your spray stability, your ion intensities, your ratio of tryptic to semitryptic IDs (digestion efficiency!?!) and your fill times have changed over time.  Tracking this info could let you in on things like your quadrupole beginning to get dirty on your Q-TOF or the effect that new grad student is having on your results by plotting all of these on a longitudinal scale.  "See that steep drop when Lani joined the group?"  Find what is wrong with your lab and when it happened!

You can read the original paper here!

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  1. this is fantastic. so fantastic I don't even mind being blamed for performance mediocrity.