Wednesday, January 22, 2014

100% back online -- with new methods, even!

The blog should now be up completely now thanks to a little trick I use that I like to call

,which I discovered while looking for an "Insomnia" image on Google is also the name of melodic death metal band from Greece that has a couple of great tracks, but doesn't seem to have an album that I can purchase... I learn so much every day!

Anywho!  Better than just bringing back the old stuff, there is new stuff, too, thanks to some late evening thievery I performed at this place:

What did I get?  More methods!  There have been requests for LTQ methods, so I got some.  As a disclaimer,  I don't know for sure that they work, but I am familiar with the work of some of the authors so they're probably ;) okay (and they look good, I did used to run an LTQ for a living).   I also sat down and wrote a reporter ion triggered ETD method suitable for the any glycopeptide analysis on any Orbitrap system + ETD (see, you guys read here, and request stuff and I'll do what I can eventually!).  And I got my first hands-on time with the original Exactive,  So I have a couple new methods for that system.  I'm uploading all of this now and they should be up by the time I drink the gallon of coffee necessary for me to wake up and brave the fantastic midwest weather this morning.

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