Thursday, December 12, 2013

MaConDa -- A nice resource for identifying contaminants

This is a cool resource I recently stumbled across!  The MaConDa is a really easy and simple site that has exact mass information on previously identified contaminants in MS/MS runs.  I know most of us have the supplemental information Excel sheet somewhere from that cool paper from a few years ago lying around somewhere, but this is like that with a couple of neat twists.

1) You can filter by instrument type (ion trap, QQQ, or TOF [probably what you'd use for Orbi])
2) You can set a custom PPM error, such as that for your instrument
3) You can filter by contaminant type
4) You can output a list that contains adducts.  Icing on the cake!

Check MaConDa out at this link.  I bet you'll end up using it sometime.  I used it today!

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