Monday, December 2, 2013

Arginine phosphorylation in bacterial stress response

In press at MCP is a great new paper showing how arginine phosphorylation is used by Bacillus subtilis in the regulation of response to stress.

And it isn't a little involved.  It's a lot involved.  This study shows that it can be linked to heat shock response, response to oxidative stress and in the resistance to drugs.  Pretty impressive findings out of well-characterized model organism.

Beyond the fact that we have yet another PTM to worry about, this paper is valuable for the clear (and pretty simple!) methodology for harvesting, enriching, and analyzing arginine phosphopeptides.

A good read, if only for putting in perspective how much we don't know about the physiology of even the most well-studied organisms!  Definitely check it out while it is still open access.  Direct access to the PDF is here.

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