Friday, April 5, 2013

MCP Special focus on Glycomics

Geez, talk about appropriate timing.  At KHUPO it was pretty obvious that glycomics/glycoproteomics  is just about to blow up.  A staggering number of the posters/talks were glyco centric.  I was thinking that perhaps this was a regional focus, but with 20+ articles on glycomics in this month's MCP, I think that we're looking at more of a global trend.  If this is your field, I'm sure you're way ahead of me on this one.  If this isn't your field, it still might be time to start paying attention because the collaborators/clients are going to start calling with glycomics/glycoproteomics requests. Fortunately, there are a lot of teams working on the biggest hurdle (in my humble opinion) to these analyses -- the software side of things.  I know of some really cool stuff that is currently in the pipeline and I'm sure that there is a whole lot more that I haven't heard about yet.

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