Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Refined procedures for studies of ubiquitination --20,000 sites in 1 go!

Another cool paper in MCP this month is this gem from Udeshi et. al., out of Steven Carr's lab.  In this, the group reports their strategy and results from a fully optimized enrichment and analysis procedures for anti-di-glycine remnant studies.  The study in question was performed on SILAC labeled cells, demonstrating that these studies can be qualitative or quantitative.  All of the MS/MS analyses were performed on a Q Exactive and analyzed with MaxQuant.  The end result -- 20,000+  ubiquitination sites that can be identified/quantified in a single experiment.
As we continue to find more and more things that are affected by ubiquitination, I think this is going to be an extremely well cited paper for how to do this kind of study.  Definitely check it out!

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