Sunday, July 7, 2013

Phosphoproteomics of Type 4 Pilus construction

When I was in graduate school, I heard a LOT about the construction of Type 4 pili.  This was because I worked down the hall from one of the top Myxococcus labs in the world.
So when I was digging through the papers in press at MCP and I saw this new one that deals with the phosphoproteomics of Type 4 pili construction, it caught my eye.

The subject of the paper is a thermophilic bacteria that uses Type 4 pili to get around.  The authors use titanium dioxide to enrich for phosphopeptides from the bacteria while it is moving under different high temperature conditions.  An Orbitrap XL does the grunt work and helps identify the key phosphorylation sites for this strange and interesting organism.

The paper is the result of work at several top universities in Taiwan and good  read for any of my microbiologist friends out there!

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