Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chorus Project -- My favorite thing from ASMS 2013!

The Orbitrap Fusion is awesome.  The releasing of the most sensitive triple quads of all time is a great advance for everyone.

My personal favorite thing to come out of ASMS 2013, however,  is the Chorus Project.  I`m going to rant for a second on why that is.

A few years ago this extremely prestigious genomics researcher at Duke got busted for faking genomics data.  Not small time faking, BIG TIME faking.  He had convinced people that his microarrays and analysis techniques were so accurate that he could do cDNA microarrays on patients and tell what chemotherapy would work best for their cancer.  And people were doing it!

Of course, it didn`t start there.  It started with several completely fabricated studies that had made it to the very very best journals.  And they made it because the array data was just too big and dense for anyone to manually review.

Almost all genomics journals require the dropping of genomics data into repositories for just this reason.  We had the same thing in proteomics.  You couldn`t publish in MCP until your data was up on Tranche.  Unfortunately, our data kept getting better and that meant bigger, and now Tranche can not handle even a fraction of the proteomic data being published.

We currently have no oversight.  We can publish anything, and there have been a few papers recently (no hints on which, what, or who) that have had findings that are a little beyond belief.  We are currently at a point where our field can be seriously hurt by liars and charlatans and there has been no solution in site.

Enter the Chorus Project.  Proteomics processing and data sharing viewing through the Cloud.  Cloud sized storage that can handle even the next generation platform data files  AND proceess them (Comet processing on the cloud!) AND make the data easily viewable from any web connection.  You see the data without having to download all 700 GB of it.  It is incredible.

Disclaimer:  It is still in Beta version, but it is coming.  I have been on it (Beta tester! Woo!), and I have seen it run.  I dream of a day when I can read a paper with amazing new findings that push the boundaries of my belief and logging onto Chorus and seeing it right there and being able to believe it!

I know you want to know more about Chorus and the great minds who are bringing it to us.  So go to and check it out!

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