Sunday, May 8, 2022

Ready to do some deep learning multiplex fragmentation prediction?

Hey you! Were you thinking, I wish I could just predict all my TMT spectra so I didn't have to search them every time? ME TOO!

PROSIT now does deep learning prediction of TMT labeled spectra. 

WHAT??? I know!!

It's live here! 

How to do it? Okay, well this worked for me. I basically just followed this old tutorial I made

Then I opened the EncyclopeDIA output file and made a new column (or row, I still don't know the difference) and I think I just put in HCD in every entry, saved it and loaded it to Prosit.

I made the data an MSPepSearch compatible file and loaded it into a copy of PD where the free software developed by NIST wasn't disabled due to there being no money being funneled to a big company for that particular PC! 

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