Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Get proteomics samples ran for free!

If you've unfortunately stumbled on this page because you just heard about proteomics and think it might work for your work, I'm sorry if you discovered it is too expensive for you. 

But -- if your idea is really good, you can, no joke - get free proteomic samples ran by great labs. 

Not like that! Check this out! 

You can take your awesome idea here, convince IDEA how awesome it is and they'll run your stuff for free. I can't tell you how much I love this idea. 

I swear one of the main reasons that Europe is killing the rest of the world on big proteomics papers is the fact they have an entire huge network that is similar to this. People apply with amazing ideas and people who are like "WHOA. that'll get us in a Nature journal for sure!" just run your stuff. And the cycle works because the people who funded it the first time are like "WHOOOOA!!! Did we just get 100 huge papers for an amazingly small (relative) amount of money? We have to fund that again!!"  

It is called EPIC-XS (pronounced EPIC EXCESS! and, since the idea originated in Luxembourg, the proper pronounciation is almost identical to how a Ninja Turtle would say it. I don't make the rules. You can check out this gnarly idea here.) 

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