Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Very important corrections on recent posts!!

I make a lot of mistakes. Probably more than average for someone my age. As such, I sometimes need to post important corrections -- and here are two serious mistakes I've recently made on this blog.

A scientist that I respect a lot who now has a title that sounds like it is probably a lot of work contacted me to provide more up-to-date documents, as the copies I posted expired several years ago.

The vendor is much more compatible with developers and even has a Github up that helps you walk through everything you need to alter the operation of your factory Orbitrap hardware. You can find this here. The things I highlighted appear to be totally absent in the new agreements, but it's a lot of words and I don't have time for all of them right now. 

Number 2: 

The company is a joke company! 

Please disregard this post as well! I'll make further corrections as I have time. 

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