Tuesday, September 7, 2021

NeoVanquish -- Dionex finally released a new NanoLC!


When Dionex acquired Thermo Fisher Electron almost 10 years ago they needed to spend a lot of time celebrating. I understand it. If you were the 8th best company in a field of 6 manufacturers and you somehow acquired a Fortune 500 company that had a year over year somehow sustainable growth of over 20% due to a strangehold on an entire emerging industry (proteomics?), you should probably take a bottle of tequila into your office and celebrate in private until someone realizes what just happened makes zero sense at all. 

If no one does figure it out and 8 years later you find yourself still in ownership of said company (that... hmm...strangely....no longer has such a strangehold on the industry...but I'm sure that's completely unrelated...), maybe you should use all those resources and roll out your first new product in a decade! 

And here we have it! A blue and black NanoLC with a touchscreen! 

Honestly, the specs look pretty impressive. They might even be better than this NanoAcquity we found in a closet that I have to run on a laptop with Windows XP for some reason.

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