Friday, February 26, 2021

Death to nanoLC -- 50uL/min proteomics, 38,000 samples and counting!

Hey you! 

What's your record for number of samples on that EasySpray column? Have you ever gotten 6 weeks out of one? I did once because I took the thing apart and put a new emitter in it after it clogged. (I should show you people how to do that! It doesn't work great, and it kind of negates the whole point of buying an EasySpray if you're going to make a crappy junction on the inside of one....but in an emergency.)

That plot above is the performance of proteomics columns with a time scale that isn't DAYS. It's over a 2 year period. Check it out here! 

How are they doing this? 50uL/min. 

The proteomics data quality doesn't suck, at all. 

The Lumos and HF-X systems with the big opening in the front do appear to be necessary to hit the kind of coverage this group does, particularly with the short gradient lengths employed.  In our hands we can get great data on the Q Exactive Classic, but we can't get away with 30 minute gradients and we have to use much larger injection volumes. (Preprint here I keep forgetting to submit somewhere so nice proteomics people can reject it.) 

High flow proteomics is coming and hopefully we'll see the Nanoflow HPLC start to die out. Your collaborators are prepping MILLIgrams of protein most of the time. You need nanoflow for nanograms of material. 

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