Saturday, August 17, 2019

False Discovery Rates for Hybrid Search!

Family's in town and I'm late for dinner. Gotta type fast!

boom! (here's this paper!)  EDIT: 8/19/19 Link fixed. Thanks, Dr. Koller!

As spectral libraries take off like crazy again (thanks, DIA!) and smart new tools take advantage of the fact our computers are hundreds of times faster than they were the last go-around -- WHAT ABOUT FDR for us old fashioned DDA hold outs who want to use libraries?!??

This is particularly important as we step away from the library (previously, it's worst limitation) by throwing in delta masses and PTMs.

NIST to the rescue!

What if you did like 100 iterations of your library all randomized up and then figured out what makes sense in terms of your FDR filters and approaches?

Real proof that your FDR makes sense? That's your tax dollars at work, 'Murica!

I love this paper, but I should probably find some shoes!

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