Sunday, August 18, 2019

Catcher of the Rye: Using proteomics to find contaminated cereals!

Is "elegant" the right word for a study that is straight-forward, did something I'd never ever have thought of using the tools I have sitting around here, and totally worked? 

I'm not sure if the whole "gluten free" obsession/fad/thing has passed by in the world, but I hear a lot less about it. I have a good friend with an issue with it in the it-will-legit-kill-me level of issue and, whether the rest of it was founded in fact or not, the awareness of gluten was a really good thing for some people.

This group takes a bunch of grains and performs shotgun proteomics on it. They aren't sample limited (there are lots of grains) so they can use a relatively low dynamic range instrument (6600 3xTOF) in data (information) dependent mode and build a comprehensive proteome. They they work up a list of peptides that are specific to the grains they are concerned about -- BOOM! targeted panel.

When examining a bunch of cereals they can pick out some that are clearly full of grains that the label says aren't supposed to be there!

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